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Learn To Play Guitar

Learn To Play Guitar In Two Months

Learn to play guitar with our free guitar course! Whether you want to play acoustic or electric, folk or metal, in this eight-part series of free guitar lessons you’ll find hints, tips and advice to get you started.

You’ll soon be playing your first chords, melodies and songs!

The guitar is a great instrument to learn: you can learn the basics very quickly; it’s a relatively cheap instrument to buy; it’s quiet enough to practice without disturbing your neighbors; and it’s hugely versatile.

Learn To Play Guitar In Two Months: The Lessons

This page is the introduction to our series of guitar lessons for beginners. If you start now and practice hard then in two month’s time you’ll be able to play the chords and melodies of many of your favorite songs.

From there, you can build on your technique and take your playing in any direction you want!

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Guitar Basics

Guitar Basics

This page covers guitar basics. These are the things that you should know if you are thinking about learning the guitar, or if you are in the early stages of your guitar playing career.

This page is part of our ‘Learn To Play Guitar In 2 Months‘ series.

In this guide we cover:

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We’ll also answer questions such as, ‘Should I play a left or right-handed guitar?‘ and ‘Should I play with my fingers or with a pick?

This list of guitar basics is by no means comprehensive, but it will be invaluable for those thinking about taking up the guitar.

Links to further free information available on this site (and elsewhere) are provided throughout the article.

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Guitar String Notes Tuning

Guitar String Notes Tuning

Guitar string notes tuning diagrams & information; part of our Guitar Basics series.

Why Learn String Notes?

It’s a good idea to learn the notes that your guitar strings are tuned to early on in your playing career.

Even if you’re a solo guitarist who doesn’t play with other musicians, you’ll need to know the string notes for tuning with a guitar tuner. Even if you tune by ear, you’ll still need to know the notes of the strings when you start learning chords and melodies.

If you plan to play with other musicians, you’ll need to know the string notes for tuning to other instruments. Further down this page you’ll find a diagram of the guitar string notes on a music stave, and also on a piano keyboard.

Guitar String Notes Tuning Diagram

Guitar String Notes Tuning Diagram

Guitar String Notes Tuning Diagram

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